World Forest Day

Every year on March 21, World Forest Day is celebrated, and in this way we want to remind that forests are one of the most diverse ecosystems. The total area of forests and forest lands in the Republic of Croatia is 2,759,039.05 ha, which is 49% of the land area of the country. Of great importance in the project area, and in the Republic of Croatia, are the floodplain forests, which are among the best preserved and most important in Europe. They are characterized by their naturalness, great biodiversity and richness of protected, rare and endangered plant and animal species, and are therefore protected by the Natura 2000 ecological network. In the valleys of the Danube and Drava and their tributaries, in areas regularly exposed to floods, various ecosystems have emerged which, depending on the intensity of wetting, alternate with swamps and wet meadows. Their arrival and dynamics are determined by water, primarily flood. Floodplain forests far exceed the general value of other forests. Their general useful value stands out in their hydrological and water protection role in the wider area outside the forest and their significant impact on local climatic conditions. The floodplain forest area is used as a retention area to retain high water waves.

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