Sixth Naturavita project team meeting

The sixth meeting of the Naturavit project team was held on July 8, 2020 in the form of a videoconference due to the worsening epidemiological situation.  Two members of the project team of each partner participated in the videoconference to avoid technical difficulties.

The introductory speech was given by the project leader and she asked each of the partners to briefly present the status of the implementation of their activities with information on the identified difficulties.

Public institution Nature park Kopački rit was left without a biologist on the project, and it is planned to complete the project team by the end of September  Since GPS transmitters for otters and beavers were procured, the procurement of monitoring equipment (traps, live traps, ..) will follow.

Representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds informed us about the status of  the contract for shooting the promo film, which expires on July 11, 2020. A joint procurement agreement was signed for educational materials and procurement documentation is currently being finalized. Members of the project team participate in the development of the

claim for reimbursement.

Representatives of the Ministry of the Interior introduced us to the activities in which they participate in the field of education and the activities of promotion and visibility in which they were actively involved.

Members of the Hrvatske vode project team briefed us on the procurement procedures they are conducting for zero water status studies, determination of retention capacity, and procurement of water monitoring.

The representative of the Hrvatske šume informed the other members of the project team that one third of the planned area had been planted. What is currently worrying is the health condition of field ash seedlings, and the epidemiological situation that could complicate care and planting work. Intensive works on the renovation of the future educational center Podravlje are in progress. A public procurement procedure for fire breaks with elements of a forest road, which is planned to build an 18.5 km breaks. Members can follow the promotion and visibility activities on the project website, the project’s YouTube channel and social networks.