Rules of behavior

Recommended rules of conduct in the Naturavita project area

As the project area is located within the boundaries of the Regional Park “Mura – Drava” in the Naturavita project, the same rules of conduct for nature conservation and protection apply as in the regional park. To stay in this area pleasant and safe, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules of conduct and listen to certain advice.

The area covered by the Naturavita project does not have a special nature conservation service. Locals are responsible for forest protection – forest guards of Darda Forestry, UŠP Osijek, Hrvatske šume d.o.o. – Zagreb. Immediate nature protection in the Regional Park and in ​​the Naturavita project is performed by the guard service of the Regional Park “Mura – Drava”.

Nature conservationists have the authority to impose a penalty at the scene of a misdemeanor in cases of non-compliance with the rules established by the Rules of Internal Order and the Nature Protection Act.

Movement and stay in the project area:

• No tickets are issued for entry and stay in the Naturavita project area;

• it is forbidden to drive and / or park motor vehicles outside the areas intended for driving or parking;

• it is forbidden to drive motor vehicles on the defensive embankment except for vehicles with a special license;

• we recommend moving within the marked roads and paths, namely in the central part of PP Kopački rit there are still mine suspected areas, so do not move in those areas;

• off-road driving is prohibited;

• camping is prohibited;

• dogs must be on a leash, namely you are in the hunting ground and the harassment of wild animals should be reduced to a minimum;

• For a trip to nature, bring suitable clothing and footwear, and drinking water, if necessary, food, and in summer, sunscreen and we recommend protection against mosquitoes.

Lighting a fire, throwing garbage, noise, carrying a weapon, information equipment:

it is forbidden to light a fire in the forest;

• do not throw away your waste and cigarette butts, take them with you

• do not make noise, it disturbs the animals;

• the introduction of weapons is prohibited;

• do not damage the park equipment (e.g. signs, information boards, etc.), it is used for your information and recreation.

Plants, animals, fungi, environment

• it is forbidden to pick, collect, damage or destroy plants and fungi – “pick” with a camera

• do not feed, disperse, chase, frighten, harass, hunt, collect, injure or kill any animals;

• do not damage the nests and holes of animals;

• do not collect snails and mushrooms, do not pick herbs;

• do not pollute watercourses, springs and water tanks;

• soil and water pollution are prohibited.

Sport-recreational fishing, swimming, sailing, anchoring and mooring:

• Sport-recreational fishing on Lake Bilje is allowed only with a previously obtained valid fishing license from the local fishing society (ŠRD “Karas” Bilje).

• Swimming is allowed in the Naturavita project area (Drava River and Biljsko Lake).

• anchoring and / or mooring of the vessel is allowed only in the designated and marked places.


• do not go on a tour of recreational – educational trails alone;

• choose a path that suits your physical abilities;

• inform the family about your direction and time of return and stick to it;

• ask and listen to staff advice;

• check the weather forecast;

• dress appropriately, wear hiking shoes, warm and waterproof clothing and protection from rain, wind and sun;

• bring enough drinking water;

• bring a flashlight, matches;

• bring medical first aid supplies;

• use a map and compass (in wetlands it can easily get lost and lost if you do not move within the marked roads and paths);

• be especially careful in winter and consider that darkness falls early;

• Do not go on excursions in winter that you do not know in summer conditions.