May 22 – Biodiversity Day

Every year on May 22, the International Day for Biological Diversity is held, and by the Decision of the Croatian Parliament from 2003, the Day of Nature Protection in the Republic of Croatia is marked on that day.

This year, Biodiversity Day is celebrated under the slogan Biodiversity for Sustainable Development.

Croatia is one of the richest European countries in terms of its biodiversity. Almost 30% of the land area is part of the Natura 2000 Ecological Network. The great diversity of terrestrial, marine and subterranean habitats has resulted in a wealth of species and subspecies with a significant number of endemics. Biodiversity disruption can have major consequences for both ecosystems and human lives. Therefore, the conservation of biological diversity is one of the conditions for the establishment of sustainable development.

We can proudly say that the project activities of the Naturavita project will greatly contribute to the preservation of the biological diversity of this protected area.

To remind:

  • 2.5 ha of forests and forest land were cleared of mines and mines.
  • Biological regeneration of forests  will be carried out on 2021 ha, which includes the replacement of stands of foreign species with stands of autochthonous species on 441 ha.
  • The fire protection of this area will be improved by restoring 41.95 ha of fire averages. In addition, 65.22 ha of fire breaks and 33 km of fire breaks with forest road elements will be built.
  • A monitoring system will be established for the revitalization and conservation of water and water-dependent ecosystems.
  • A study of the revitalization of aquatic ecosystems in the Nature Park Kopački Rit  will be prepared.
  • It is extremely important to constantly raise public awareness of the importance of biodiversity conservation, which will be carried out through  educational activities of target groups.

We can conclude that the Naturavita project team works every day to preserve biodiversity.