The insect monitoring project group of Biodea d.o.o. for research and development conducted, on June 18 and 19, 2021, its regular field trip. Members of the project team visited all previously designated sampling stations and transects.

On the first day of the field trip, the traps for sampling saproxyl beetles were emptied, and they were again prepared for hunting, and traps for sampling water beetles were set.

On the second day of the field trip, the set traps were emptied.

When going to the Kopački rit Nature Park, the project group visited the stations located along the Čarna, Tikveš, Podunavlje, Čošak forest, pond, and the floodplain of Kopačevo along the embankment. At all these stations, the traps were preserved and all planned tasks were performed. At the station near the Čarna canal and in the Čošak forest, for the first time this season, the remains of two adult deer (Lucanus cervus) were recorded, which were recorded as sites for the discovery of this species.