Exploratory Piezometer Boreholes

Within Activity 7.2. Naturavita project – Implementation of exploration works, establishment of the system and implementation of monitoring, with interpretation of results, drilling of exploration-piezometric boreholes in the area of Kopački Rit Nature Park 10 exploration boreholes, 9 shallow boreholes and 1 deep borehol, were drilled. Eight shallow boreholes were drilled by the direct drilling method, while the remaining ones were drilled with method that make sit possible to encompass 100 % of the core. The final achieved borehole depths on seven boreholes are 16 meters, on one 22 meters  and on a deep borehole 72 meters. Although the depth of the deep borehole was predicted to be 100 meters, after entering the impermeable clay layer, in agreement with the experts, it was decided to stop drilling at a depth of 72 meters. Underwater camera recording and water permeability testing were performed on all boreholes. The height of the protective pipes depended on the maximum water levels expected for the locations of individual borehole. Complete sedimentological analyzes of borehole cores were also performed.

After the completion of the works on the boreholes, they were geodetically surveyed, and an automatic groundwater level meter was installed in each one. The boreholes will be used for groundwater monitoring and groundwater sampling, in order to determine the dynamics of groundwater, hydrogeological parameters, the connection of surface and groundwater, the status of groundwater based on their quantitative and chemical status.