At the beginning of the project, the biological restoration of forests and forest land was planned on a total area of 1021 ha, which included the restoration of natural autochthonous vegetation on a total of 441 ha of forest areas that are now overgrown with non-native species (Euro-American poplars, American ash, acacia, etc. )

Due to the return of forest areas to Count Drašković, the project will restore a total of 868.27 ha, of which 359.68 ha includes the return of natural autochthonous vegetation.

After the demining works, through this activity, forests that were polluted by mines were restored, forests in which due to the war operations could not be restored in time and which were affected by drying and decay. In this activity, preparatory forestry work was carried out, and forest seedlings were planted on the prepared area: white willow (Salix alba) on 257.43 ha, black poplar (Populus nigra) on 173.83 ha, white poplar (Populus alba ) on 32.55 ha, holm oak (Quercus robur) on 295.61 ha and field ash (Fraxinus angustifolia) on 108.85 ha.

The total value of biological forest restoration works is HRK 40,467,152.10 (EUR 5,371,270.52), of which 85% is co-financed by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund.